Main idea: educational system is uncurably sick and, without waiting for its natural death, it is needed to create other system with other principles. What is an educational system? It is people plus infrastructure. Uncurably sick is exactly infrastructure. It can be compared with a skeleton. Another infrastructure needs to be created - exoskeleton - and at the moment when it starts working people will leave the old system - will vote with their feet.

Old infrastructure has three functions - and corresponding to them social institutes
New infrastructure consists of three projects
If you you should use our system
What is needed for that?

Questions and answers

Question. What is a role and how to receive it? Answer. There are four roles in the system. If you requested a role and received it, then it gives you right to create certain objects (watch below) and use them in your future work.

Question Where can I request a role? Answer On the home page of the system AFTER registration and logging in with your password.

Question Can administrator not give a role? When does it happen? Answer {% trans "Fill in a profile, upload a photo. Until it is done, administrator will probably reject - and write you a personal message about it. There is some probability, that administrator have not visited the website for a long time - if there is no role or message - contact the administrator by e-mail" %} - in the letter subject write #edUber.
Your objects can be viewed-changed-created-deleted on the page OBJECTS where you can get with the help of a button Types of available objects depend on your role. All users can create addresses. Parents can create kids and requests. Students/amateurs can create interests and requests. Organisers can create places. Teachers can create courses and offers
On this page you can go with the help of a button Here you can search for There are five types of requests (what people search - need) There are three types of offers (what people offer - can be) {% trans "Before you start searching, I recommend to set your preferences for this search (who, where). Some search types do not work without it." %}
{% trans "If you found object you need (a kid, a place, a course, an offer, a request) you can start a chat with the object owner (a parent, an organiser, a teacher). For this in the search results there is a sign in the rightmost column" %} . Beside this from the same search result line you can go to All your chats can be seen (and continued) with a button .
In the owner's profile you can write a review on him/her - and see all reviews written on him/her by others.
With a button you can see all reviews on the system itself - and write your own review.
- log out - log in - your account
Besides, in your account you can change password.
Button allows to see the system fullness (users, objects). - information about the author.